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Street Pastors

By November 16, 2009News

boris street pastorsThis is Boris speaking at the inaugural Street Pastors conference in London at the weekend.

Street Pastors is “an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue.” The group have seen tremendous growth since their launch in London in 2003, having expanded across London to the rest of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Internationally, the ministry has spread to Antigua and Barbuda, preparations are being made to launch Street Pastors in Australia in 2010.

Boris addressed the conference on Saturday and said “We can’t just transform the physical infrastructure because that’s not what really counts. What counts is the human capital of London. It’s the young people of London that we need to invest in if this city is to lengthen its lead as the greatest city on Earth. Street Pastors are already doing what you can and I think it is high time London knew more about what you did and the whole of London followed your example.â€?

Boris has also indicated a desire to address next year’s Street Pastors conference.  The fact it is being held in Barbuda had no bearing on this, obviously….

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