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I lost my heart on a 747

By November 12, 2009News

katie priceWhat do Katie Price, Osama bin Laden, Wayne Rooney, Gordon Brown and Colonel Gadaffi have in common?

No, they haven’t all got babies with daft names, and no, they don’t share awful handwriting (although I have never seen Gadaffi’s scrawl, so I couldn’t possibly comment.)

They have all been identified in a survey as “the people we’d least like to have to sit next to on an aeroplane.”  I think it’s a bit harsh, frankly – I think Gordon would be quite an interesting person to sit next to.  Although quite how much you’d panic if you ended up on a 747 next to bin Laden, I’m not sure.

In an attempt to return back to something approaching a point, the survey also discovered those people we’d quite like to be stuck on a transatlantic flight alongside (if only for the fact that it would mean we’d probably be in first class, considering the company we chose.)  The Queen, Helen Mirren (one and the same person, ha ha ha), Cheryl Cole, Barack Obama and, of course, Boris himself were amongst the list of the people we wouldn’t mind having to sit next to on our journey.

Bozza did finish underneath Angelina Jolie, mind (insert your own gag here).

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