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Knight On A Shining Bicycle

By November 5, 2009News

Boris bike 3Franny Armstrong, climate change activist and director of the film The Age Of Stupid was walking home in Camden on Monday evening when she was surrounded by a group of hoodie-wearing young girls who pushed her against a car, one holding an iron bar.

“I was texting on my phone so didn’t notice the girls until they pushed me against the car, quite hard,” she said. “I noticed that one had an iron bar in her hand. It was very frightening. At that moment a man cycled past and I called out for help.”

The passing cyclist turned out to be none other than the Mayor himself.

“He said to the girls: ‘What do you think you are doing?’ He picked up the iron bar, called after the girls and cycled after them. He returned a few minutes later and walked me home.” Apparently Boris called the girls ‘oiks’ (a much underused word) before insisting he walked the film director back home.

Armstrong called Johnson “my knight on a shining bicycle”.

The film director admitted she did not agree with Johnson’s politics, and had voted for his rival Ken Livingstone in the mayoral elections, but added: “If you find yourself down a dark alleyway and in trouble I think Boris would be of more use than Ken.”

When Bozza promised to tackle youth crime, this wasn’t exactly what we were expecting….

(thanks to the many that sent this story in, including “JimBob”, Paul D and Ben Royston, who called Boris a “bloody good bloke”).

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