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You’d think with that barnet he’d stand out a mile

By October 1, 2009News

boris eastendersSo, it was the moment that literally, er, four of us were waiting for as the Mayor of London sauntered into the Queen Vic pub.

(missed it? It’s here on iPlayer until 8th October)

Yes, Boris made his TV acting debut this evening in the award winning BBC soap Eastenders as a bicycle puncture led him to the sanctuary of Peggy Mitchell’s boozer.  (Did he not have a repair kit on his person? And why did he have to have a pint of lager whilst he was at it?)

I am sure, however, that we were promised fireworks between the vivacious, forthright blonde bombshell (and Barbara Windsor) which were, sadly, not forthcoming.  Rather than giving Bozza ‘what for’ (as she had promised earlier in the episode), Peggy was rather charmed by our Boris and spent their entire scene fluttering her eyelashes at him provacatively.

It was hardly a call to arms for young voters to get out and exercise their democratic right, and neither was it a thrilling cut and thrust policy debate between two political heavyweights.

We at Boriswatch Towers did enjoy the way that the two of them had practically identical hair, though.

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