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The No-Zone Layer

By September 18, 2009News

new tube mapThis is Transport for London’s new, updated Tube map.

Notice anything missing?

Boris did, on his return from New York and, according to a City Hall source, “hit the roof.” Yes, they’ve decided to not only take away the zonal bands, but also, rather oddly, the River Thames.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson said: “The Mayor has ordered that the river be reinstated at the earliest opportunity without incurring any further cost.” Bozza’s Twitter page said, “Can’t believe that the Thames disappeared off the tube map whilst I was out the country! It will be reinstated….”

Transport for London didn’t bank on the public outcry, and so the Thames will be back when the map is updated again in December.  They are also considering reintroducing the zones (which would be useful for most people, I guess, who need to know, like, how much to pay for their ticket).

Honestly.  Who approves these ludicrous “change for change’s sake” decisions?


  • Michael Pantlin says:

    I wonder if the person who took took the Thames off the map was the same one who took the N213 night bus off the map and the road? Perhaps Boris will reinstate that too?

  • Michael Pantlin says:

    Perhaps the official who thought the N213 was lightly used also considered the Thames was lightly used and so it had to go.

  • Peter says:

    Shame Boris didn’t see the contents of the map when he posted the cover on twitter before it was publicly released.

    Has he by the way ever stated why he thinks it should come back seeing he was so furious about it being drained and paved over taken off the map OF THE UNDERGROUND whilst he was in New York??

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