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Disney, Pretzels and al-Megrahi

By September 14, 2009News
"No, I don't know what you do with it, either."

"No, I don't know what you do with it, either."

Bozza’s been in his home city of New York this week promoting the merits of London as a tourist destination.  In an attempt to keep millions of American tourist dollars visiting the capital BoJo has agreed to a ‘swap’ in which New York’s buses will feature advertisements for London, and vice versa.

In addition, Boris announced that the premiere of the Disney movie A Christmas Carol will be held in London in December, and loitering around the Disney store was where this snap was taken.  He took time out to hold up for the cameras before dropping immediately sample a New York pretzel from vendor Emam Elguoshey.

Whilst he’s been in New York, Bozza has also managed to wade into the Lockerbie bomber row. “Had I been in charge, I would not have released him. It seems to be completely crazy,” said the Mayor. “It’s a complete mockery of justice. It’s a betrayal of the victims of the Lockerbie Bomber.”

He didn’t stop there, either. Oh no. He continued, “It’s the single most disreputable and mysterious episode in this government’s recent history – and that’s in a fairly hotly contested field.”


  • Melissacw says:

    He couldn’t be happier in New York, his birthplace and I love the photo. Perhaps City Hall will start selling giant pretzels too – it would be good for US and UK bilateral relations!
    .-= Melissacw´s last blog ..Boris Promotes London Tourism in America =-.

  • Quietzapple says:

    Poor, p poor Bozo . . .

    Torn between the populism of condemning the merciful release of a dying man, and the wishes of the immigrant muslim voters of London, whose illegals he has courted for their votes and contributions . . .

    Funny, was it not, that he listed that illegal immigrants should have done service to the community and be of sound means among the conditions for citizenship?

    Are ALL Bullingdons without scruple or decency?
    .-= Quietzapple´s last blog – Straw says look at the evidence =-.

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