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The Greasy Pole

By September 8, 2009News

10 Downing Street A recent article in the Daily Mail has made the suggestion that Boris’ election as Mayor of London might be part of a wider plan by the blonde-haired loon to climb the greasy pole all the way to Number Ten.

The article points to Bozza’s recent publicity and how desperate the glamour magazines are to feature BoJo as their cover star.  Not only will he appear on the cover of Elle but apparently Tatler, Hello! and Vogue are all vying for the sleek, boyish Mayor to appear on their cover.

Bozza’s biographer, Andrew Gimson, said Boris went for the mayoral job as “a grand, outflanking manoeuvre… Just as the Mayor of Paris can ascend from the Hotel de Ville to the Elysee Palace, perhaps Boris could pioneer a new route from City Hall to Downing Street.”

Imagine the fun.


  • catherine says:

    “blonde loon?” that’s not nice! The thing with BJ is, he is not just a brilliant communicator and a huge dollop of charm. He has brilliant ideas and his brain is the biggest thing about him. That is why he will be PM someday, he is not window dressing, unlike some other politicians, he has ideas and answers.

  • angela says:

    “The Greasy Pole” Are you a “Yes Minister” fan Simon? Was looking at the content of the series, and it was about cutting costs in government spending,(Hacker starts an economy drive) transparency in government, big brother is watching you ( aggro. over a new government database), quangos and jobs for the boys, the sanctity of the environment – le plus ca change, the plus c’est le meme chose…..

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