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Pasha-s to ashes. Nearly

By August 20, 2009News

Onpashae thing the Mayor does like is a nice bit of dinner.  This week, however, Bozza’s favourite restaurant nearly went up in smoke

Fire services were called to the famous Pasha restaurant in Islington at around 5.30am yesterday morning after a fire broke out on the roof garden of a terrace above the famous Turkish eaterie.

The fire is not being treated as suspicious and no-one was hurt in the incident.

Bozza has previously called Pasha his favourite restaurant saying “They are friendly guys serving fresh food. When the wife and I get a minute to ourselves, it’s the perfect hideout.”

Tulay Hassan, the landlady, said: “The tenants said there were no cigarettes or barbecues out there. The firefighters put the fire out before it spread but the important thing was that no-one was hurt. It’s a relief the restaurant was saved.”

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