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The Kindness Offensive

By August 17, 2009News

Boris has thrown his support behind a new initiative launched this weekend which aims to reward random acts of kindness on the streets of London.  The Kindness Offensive, supported by finance firm ING Direct, launched at the weekend and aims to “highlight how warm hearted people really are for no real reward, just to be kind.”
kindness offensive One of the first recipients of such an award was 23 year old Katie Moore who helped a man pretending to be lost on London’s South Bank. She received a medal, flowers and balloons for doing WHAT EVERY OTHER RIGHT MINDED INDIVIDUAL WOULD HAVE DONE IN THAT SITUATION.

BoJo said, “This is a truly inspirational project that will brighten up the daily lives of so many Londoners.” The initiative will shortly be extended and will include medals, vouchers and cash rewards for people who “don’t run over little old ladies”, “hold the door open for someone with shopping” and “queue politely for the bus”.

Has human nature really got to the point where we have to hand out flowers to people who perform acts that have been the absolute minimum benchmark of politeness for decades? Good grief….


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