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Lily 4 Boris?

By May 19, 2009News

Oh, Lily Allen.
We’ve previously commented on the predilection that the diminutive Mockney rebel has for the Mayor, but it seems that she’s gone and dashed all our hopes.
Yes, we’re afraid to report that Ms Allen will be voting for Gordon Brown at the next election, despite the fact that she was credited with starting a rebellion against Brown’s policies only a year ago. Apparently, Lily feels that she could never become a Tory, so it’s Labour all the way when the ballots open.
Isn’t it terrible when party politics gets in the way of something beautiful?


  • Laura says:

    Oh no … I’m a Lily Allen fan … I was actually listening to Lily this very morning! I’ll have to rethink my allegencies now!

    Laura’s last blog post..Christophe Ruckhaberle ~ Untitled, Tea Party

  • angela says:

    Thank goodness Lily is voting for Gordon, the Tories had a narrow escape there.

  • catherine says:

    This is another subject, but I understand Boris had a brush with danger when the door of a lorry nearly knocked him off his bike! I am so glad he is OK., it sounded quite serious.

    ps. I bet just for a second, Ken L. was considering the possibilities…….

  • MPF says:

    I think Boris J is great! He is clever, witty, never at a loss whatever the circumstance, intelligent and attractive.Yes! He is! But most of all he represents the quintessential Englishness which I thought had disappeared – a thoroughly nice guy.

  • raincoaster says:

    Well, you know she drinks, right? You can’t expect her to be stable at all.

    raincoaster’s last blog post..Total Eclipse of the Original

  • angela says:

    Raincoaster, at least Boris didn’t have to take out a restraining order in Lily’s case.

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