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The Quick and the Dead

By April 12, 2009News

Another of the country’s leading police officers has resigned — this time Bob Quick, who felt the need to quit his post as one of the top dogs in the UK’s counter-terrorist hierarchy after revealing secret documents to photographers outside Downing Street. As the article notes, it seems that most people agree that Quick was right to leave, but there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of people willing to praise the work he did while he still had the job. As for Boris’s opinion on the whole affair, we humbly present you a snippet of YouTube’s finest.

While it’s unfortunate that things had to end the way they did (and no doubt Quick would be the first to agree with us on that score), it’s nice to see that his entire career hasn’t been blemished by this affair, and that he was allowed to leave the post with some degree of dignity intact.

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  • raincoaster says:

    So, what did Quick actually DO? Did he stand there, flipping through pages for anyone who asked, or did he just have them out of the briefcase while he was walking (we all know any good journo can read upside down) or what did he do, exactly? Was this an accident, or was there intent?

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