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By March 22, 2009News

Never let it be said that we here at BorisWatch Towers don’t present to you the hard-hitting stories when they matter. Here, courtesy of, we can reveal to you a shocking link between the Mayor and the very peak of the American wealthy elite. Sort of.

While I don’t think anyone’s necessarily going to be confusing them on the street any time soon, it’s hard to deny that there’s a certain similarity there — a fact that’s kind of worrying, given Trump’s hardcore combover.

What do you think? Has the internet discovered Boris’s doppelganger, or is it just two blond men with wild hair that both happen to be wearing suits? Let us know in the comments.


  • angel says:

    One of the wonders of the world is the abundant hair of the Johnson family. Rachel Johnson has hair so strong, so thick and so glossy, Rapunzel must be jealous.. Should she ever be kidnapped, an inbuilt means of escape is to hand if she is prepared to wait until it grows to the required length. Boris and his father sport similar mops of blond hair, like Andy Warhol’s, but theirs is real.

    The real puzzle is, if shorn, would the family, like Samson, lose their power, not physical but mental? Will they be reduced to gibbering idiots if totally shorn? Boris sported a shorter hair cut when campaigning for Mayor. Strangely, his memory did not seem as reliable as normal, and there were no jokes. Was it a coverup ruse by Dan Ritterband to pretend that the Mayor had decided not to tell jokes but present a more serious side of himself, but the truth was more sinister…… the cutting of his hair had meant the ebbing of his mental powers. Dan spends sleepless nights sweating that Ken will attack Boris one day with a pair of scissors. The Mayor will forget his Greek, Latin and the long words that none of his staff understood anyway….. nightmare scenario. Boris will become a mindless fool, glued to the t.v. set watching GAME FOR A LAUGH and THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW.

  • Amanda says:

    Donald Trump is an arse and Boris is sexy in his own weird way.

  • catherine says:

    This is such a funny article! Donald Trump has a huge bald patch and hair sprays his hair to cover it! He also sports the most weird macho pout! I’ve never seen Boris pout.

  • dave says:

    That’s a really bad dye job Donald Trump is sporting, half of it is ginger. He’d do better to shave the lot off like William Hague, who looks pretty good these days. Maybe hair plugs are the way to go Donald, they worked for Shane Warne. (another blond bombshell).

  • Andriana says:

    Boris has the complacent look of a man who knows his hair is all his own, untouched by chemical dye. He is beach boy blond, but Donald is like a tabby cat. No wonder Trump is pouting.

  • angela says:

    Donald Trump has had a lot of beautiful wives though.

  • angel says:

    Unfortunately none of Donald Trump’s wives seems to last too long. He gets fedup and says “You’re fired!”

  • Scout says:

    I can see the resemblance, but Boris is way hotter.

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