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The Borisceror’s Apprentice

By February 26, 2009News

Boris’s education policies have been the focus of a couple of our recent entries here at Boriswatch Towers, with mixed opinions as to their expected success. However, today we’re pleased to report an announcement that should hopefully please everyone: Boris has stated plans to offer approximately one thousand apprenticeships every year within the Greater London Authority. Quoth Boris:

I am confident that London will emerge from this downturn strong and ready to challenge what will undoubtedly be stiff competition. But we must be ready and that means, even during this uncertain period, we must keep up our training schemes so we have a skilled workforce for the future.

This certainly seems great for London’s youth — especially given that it’s not just manual labour, but that 150 apprenticeships will be provided by the Metropolitan Police, with hopes that many other organisations will follow suit — but are there going to be enough places to ensure that a good percentage of young people can be given the direction that Boris wants to give them?

What do you think? Is this a good way to help reinvigorate the workforce, or does it need another trip back to the drawing board?

Note: The Powers-That-Be here at the Towers would like to apologise for the truly awful pun that makes up the title of today’s entry, and would like to assure readers that it won’t happen again. Honest.

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