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Freaking Hell, Vaz

By February 13, 2009News
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Keith Vaz has never been squeaky clean. A quick look at his Wikipedia entry shows a political entry dominated by controversy – the Filkin inquiry, the Hinduja affair, suspension from the Commons. He is, in short, either a dubious fellow or incredibly unlucky.

Which makes it all the more strange that everyone’s focusing their attention on Boris’s reaction to being rumbled at the Damina Green inquiry. The political commentators can all see what’s happened – Vaz saw an opportunity to corner Boris, poked and prodded him until he blew up – then released the transcript and waited for the Big Bozza to go postal. I seem to remember a similar kind of thing happening to people quite a lot when I was at school.

The media are, of course, having a field day! Even Radio 4 got in on the fun, employing actors and beeping machines to play out the transcript of the conversation in (almost) all its glory. Boris compounded the embarrassment further by being caught cycling inside City Hall, something the security guards didn’t take kindly to. His mind was probably preoccupied by working out precisely how tightly to strangle Vaz.

I should think Boris is more annoyed that he’s allowed himself to be caught like a heffalump in a trap – he’s forgotten the number 1 rule, Don’t Feed The Trolls. Vaz has revealed that the Home Affairs Select Committee is anything but balanced.

Next time,  it’s Keith Vaz who should be keeping things clean.


  • Prestwick says:

    Definitely do not feed the trolls.

    Boris has broken the first rule of the interwebs.

  • raincoaster says:

    I’m fucking sorry but I’m not seeing the fucking goddam cunty problem, you cockswilling pantywaists.

    raincoaster’s last blog post..Latest U2 Video! Exclusive!

  • raincoaster says:

    Please, please tell me that somebody out there with a sound editing program is going to make a mashup with the Christian Bale rant. Pretty please for Valentine’s Day!

    raincoaster’s last blog post..Psychic Truck Owner!

  • Proffessor Whoopenburger says:

    The Mayor for London Boris Johnson must now be looking in the mirror realising that everyone can now see that he is An Educated Thug and people are starting to see through him. To many bad judgments like trying to employ a youth worker that had stolen of members of a church congregation , party to making Sir Ian Blair resigning without first consulting the Metropolitan Police Authority , the Damian Green affair and now telephoning the MP Kieth Vaz and subjecting him to foul language. The Mayor for London is unfit to be Mayor for London , and is no doubt unfit to be Chair for The Metropolitan Police Authority. Boris Johnson needs to take a long look in the mirror before he tries to educate children about respect.

  • Fincham says:

    Let’s be honest here, who cares? Just because he’s the mayor, doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to swear like the rest of us. It might be a bad example or whatever, but it’s not like he did it in public. It was a completely private conversation and should’ve stayed that way. Everyone’s allowed to explode and go a bit crazy once in a while. We still love you Boris 🙂

  • Proffessor Whoopenburger says:

    The Honourable Mayor for London Boris Johnson’s zip or key words for gaining votes to become Mayor for London were : Transparency and accountability, so the poor fellow will be choking on his own words before long. Im not against the conservative way but my problem is Boris Johnson is Chair of The Metropolitan Police Authority and he should behave in a responsible way and set a good example. Lastly Boris Johnson did not have to make that telephone call and it was concerning a subject in the Public Domain , so how could that conversation be considered confidential????? We must all remember that the position as Mayor for London and The Chair for The Metropolitan Police Authority are important and serious responsibilities and therefore one must be Transparent and accountable. I still like Boris Johnson but I honestly feel , that he is now unfit to be Mayor for London and Chair for The Metropolitan Police Authority.

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