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A Darker Shade of Green

By December 5, 2008News

As the Damien Green scandal rages on, it seems Boris might have got a little more involved than he’d hoped. Reports of him contacting Green by telephone after his arrest have surfaced — and with them, worries that he might find himself facing a conflict of interest in the case. An unnamed (but apparently senior) Met source said:

Not only has he contacted a suspect, but he has given an opinion on an investigation without being aware of all the evidence. That completely undermines the officers involved.

Far be it from us to comment on proceedings without knowing all the details, but it seems that Boris’s latest gaffe (as it has been dubbed by the Telegraph) might be just that — a slip. Not a crime, not an attempt to cast doubt on the upright and honest legal system, but instead just a moment of poor judgement on his part, at odds with the massive amount of negative press attention he’s received as a result. It’s hardly Watergate — and until we see firm evidence of wrongdoing, it might be best not to start dragging Boris over the coals.

What do you think? Is the media’s harsh treatment of Boris justified, or should we be waiting for more information to come to light before his critics jump all over him?

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