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Going For Gold

By November 17, 2008December 5th, 2008News

There hasn’t been a great deal in the news in recent weeks about the 2012 Olympics, but that appears to be changing. Only a few days ago, Tessa Jowell made headlines for admitting what she saw as a gaffe on the part of the Government in tabling a bid for the Games. In light of the recent recession (and the rising costs of hosting the event), she was quoted as saying “Had we known what we know now, would we have bid for the Olympics? Almost certainly not.”

This was at a dinner, given for 40 heads of the leisure industry. Tessa Jowell is the Minister for the Olympics. Sure, reports have claimed that most of what she was saying was about the benefits the Olympics will hold for the City of London, but still… Ouch.

So, does Boris agree with her? Are we going to be able to struggle through this delicate financial quagmire we’ve been placed in?

Of course we are. Quoth Boris: “There is never a bad time to stage a spectacular event like the Olympic and Paralympic Games and, in the current economic climate, I believe London is extremely fortunate to be hosting the Games in 2012.”

Is Boris being overly optimistic, or are the Games going to help boost London’s reputation on the global stage, as well as financially, socially and athletically? Can we match up to the stellar show put on by the Chinese earlier this year? Have your say in the comments.

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