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The other Blair resigns…

By October 2, 2008November 8th, 2008News
Sir Ian Blair is off

Sir Ian Blair is off

Sir Ian Blair has resigned, a few months after Boris Johnson took over as Mayor of London.
Sir Ian, even from the outset, has been seen as a prickly thorn in
Boris’ side, destined never to see eye-to-eye with the new Mayor. Their backgrounds and ideology were never going to collide in harmony, and frankly Sir Ian has been nothing if not controversial. The Jean Charles de Menezes fracas, Tariq Ghaffur, the Met race row and may other problems have dogged him for years, and while some crime has fallen during Blair’s reign, in the end there seems to have been too many downsides to his leadership.
Sir Ian may blame Boris – but who can blame Boris for wanting to clear the murky cobwebs at the top of the Metropolitan Police?


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