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Beijing Boris

By August 21, 2008Mayor, News

“Had London done it, I’m not sure we would have done the switcheroo with the girl with the braces.”

Fresh from a troublesome flight, Boris’s final answer to the collected media in Beijing on hid fact-finding mission this morning pleased Boriswatch no end – the old Boris is still lurking under the City Hall officialdom he is displaying so impressively. The main thing that struck me in his answers at the conference was the honesty that he showed. Rather than telling everyone that everything is fine and organised and glossing greatly over any potential cracks – as we are used to with high-end politicians – he candidly revealed the pressing matters that he and his team are hoping to iron out, including how on earth we can accomodate the extra traffic in London during the Games. He’s sharing the process and the concerns with the country, and that’s something I’m sure most of us will appreciate.
Inadvertently, China have dealt the London Games a blow – their exceptionally organised way and willingness to spend as much money as needed have left the London Olympic committee green with envy. London will have to run like clockwork just to avoid any poor comparisons with China’s immense efforts…

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