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Quiet optimism on Boris’s first month

By June 21, 2008News

Boris has been keeping his head down and getting stuck into the Mayoral job. He has announced his intention to step down from his Henley constituency, giving a nostalgic video interview to the Henley Standard about how much he’s loved the place, and also a final goodbye.
Although he’s become Serious Boris, journalists have noted that his mischievous side is coming back, which is great news for Boriswatchers everywhere! In fact, his speeches are still going down a storm, with a report from the CBI conference, Everyone Loves Boris, being a good indicator of the affection people have for him. The Telegraph has started to publish Boris columns again (although I imagine these will be less controversial than in the past), and they are also serialising Anthony Gimley’s unofficial biography of him. This week’s portion of the book is actually a brand new chapter, devoted to the latest Mayor success. It asks a question we are all starting to whisper: Boris Johnson for Prime Minister? Can you IMAGINE?!

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