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Dreams Of Boris

By April 19, 2008Waffle

A light-hearted – if slightly disturbing – website has popped up on the Boriswatch radar this morning. I Dream Of Boris is a site where visitors can submit their Boris-themed dreams. They range for innocent and innocuous to… well, something more carnal. Have a look – although we felt slightly tarnished afterwards.


  • raincoaster says:

    I bet he writes them all himself.

  • Martin says:

    I dreamt of Boris!

    “Martin, Birmingham

    I dreamt that Gordon Brown was (personally) trying to assassinate Boris, and I was Boris’ double (like Sadam Hussein had). I was quite annoyed at having to have floppy blonde Boris-hair. The dream ended with me desperately trying to find a car to escape Brown, the gun-wielding bovine-featured scotch loon.”

    You need to keep a close eye on Godron, with his massive bovine features…

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