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Cabbies’ favourite mayoral candidate?

By March 13, 2008Mayor


  • Alice Casey says:

    I got asked to elaborate a bit more on the cunning nature of this receipt business – read more here:

  • Bill says:

    Johnson has only to get the Black Cab drivers confidence, that he will not decimate the trade further, as Livingstone has done and he will walk the election.

    No one talks more than a cab driver and they will bring down Livingstone as they brought down Camden council who dictated for 25 years..They were brought down simply by the Cab drivers driving round Camden dressed as pirates..which was so indicative of Camden.

  • John F Smith says:

    As a cab driver, I find it almost impossible to find anybody who wants Livingstone to get back in. Boris uses common sense, and is the only candidate for the job.

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