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Boris finally officially absolutely totally standing for Mayor

By July 16, 2007News

Boris has officially announced his candidacy for the London Mayor, after a weekend of secret meetings and behind the scenes action. Boris said, “The opportunity is too great and the prize too wonderful to miss… the chance to represent London and speak for Londoners.”

The opportunity of supporting Boris is also too great to be passed up on. As you would expect, Boriswatch will be supporting Boris to the hilt – We have a Boris For Mayor section at – and you can get some Boris for Mayor clothing from the new BorisShop now!

Update: More views from Nick Assinder at the BBC, and another from Nick here. Also, The Times report that the Conservatives are hoping Boris will help the entire party ride higher in the polls. No pressure, Boris…



  • Jo Bo says:

    Er, yes, er absolutely, at last a real person standing for London

  • Sean says:

    This notion of Boris as a buffoon – I don’t get it. I see spontaneity, intelligence, wit and irony. Perhaps that’s lost on some thickos. I trust he pledges to banish the bendy-bus and restore the Routemaster, that should win the vote of anyone fit to be called a Londoner.

  • Jac says:

    SPLENDID. I feel some creativity coming on to aid the campaign. Watch this space. Actually, listen to this space. Well, not this space, another space. MY space. Although it won’t be MY space, it’ll be a different space. Is that clear? Good. Glad we got that crystal.

    Who’s crystal?

    I’m going to bed.

  • Mike the Bike says:

    He can have my vote if scraps the plans for the West London tram. I voted for Ken twice and then he totally ignored the majority local opinion against the tram. Absolute power corrupts absolutely – KEN MUST GO!

  • I think a lot of what Boris has said makes sense, and feel he has the charm and intellegence to pull Mayorship (is that a word?) off. As Sean said, i can’t see why some people think of Boris as stupid, and i’m sure anyone who has read any of his work will agree.
    For those with a Bebo page, why not pledge your support at:
    (little bit of advertising there…)

  • Phil Elliott says:

    Boris for Mayor?

    Well its better than the Dictatorship we have at the moment!

    After initial doubts on Boris taking it serious enough I have come to my conclusion…YES, he is going to put his serious head on and knuckle down and kick the disaster that is Ken Livinginadreamworld OUT!!

    Whatever happens Ken has got to go. Boris may fool around and make the more than occasional political incorrect comment, but at least he does it with charm and admits he has limitations on tact.

    Go for it Big boy! I will be supping on vast quantities of alcohol and eating masses of kebabs all ready to chuck up over Ken as he leaves London…”AVE IT”

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