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Boris considered for London Mayor

By July 4, 2007News

Astonishingly brilliant news reaches Boriswatch from the depths of the BBC – Boris is being considered for the position of London Mayor! This BBC article gives the detail – imagine the fun…!

UPDATE: Iain Dale reports: “Boris Johnson has just released a statement…

Being Mayor of London would be a fantastic job and anyone who loves London would want to consider the possibility very carefully. I want to stress that this idea did not come from David Cameron or from anyone in his office but I have, of course, been very struck by the number of people who have been urging me to run. In my case, there are huge obstacles – above all my commitment and responsibility to my constituency. It is hard to see how those difficulties could be overcome – but I am ruling nothing out.

So that’s a yes, then.


  • Melissa says:

    Quite an idea – will he be taken seriously?

    let’s see how this unfolds…

  • amy says:

    lol that’d be great! boris is great!, but noone would be able to take him seriously!

  • arun says:


    Dear Boris,

    Though I am very busy in my life, many millions of Londoners, as I will, support & help you actively to get rid of the wretched creature named Red Ken. Please, please go for Conservative nomination for London Mayor. You must take note of this because I am not even a member of any political party.

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