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Boris gets richer…

By April 22, 2007News

It seems demand for Boris is still high, despite his increasingly low profile. Earnings from his appearances in the last year came to £405,000 according the ePolitix (over half of which came from The Telegraph) on top of his parliamentary salary. Not bad!
Amusingly, this achievement went unreported in the Daily Telegraph, which gave details about MPs’ interests without even mentioning Boris’s name; and that is despite the fact that he is one of the paper’s star columnists. It is an odd state of affairs when a newspaper is less open in its financial disclosures than Members of Parliament are…

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  • Tommy ToXen says:


    Increasing unpopularity? I don’t think so! Boris is more popular than ever! He is great. He has one think that other politicians don’t have – a politician.

    Te only people who don’t like Boris are humourless sad acts who are too stupid to know that you’re supposed to take him with a small pinch of salt.

    Boris is BRILLIANT for the image of politics. He is more human than any other politicians.

    Every single politician in the world are socially inept, politically over-qualified, humourless, low-witted, out-of-touch snobs. Boris, however, has one of the greatest sense of humours I have ever know.

    He is great with banter, he is an excellent wind-up-merchant, he is generally a really, really funny person! And this is good for his image, and not only his, but the Tories as a whole !!

    The Tories are the ONLY party in the world to have such a person. The Tories have tried keeping his profile low recently, thinking his press appearances damage their reputation – but they’re wrong !! His press reputation merely stimulates interest in his name, so people look him up (like I did when I first saw him in the papers) and realize that the press are a bunch of humourless hypocrits who need to get a life.

    If he stood as a candidate for the Rother Valley Constituency, he’d definitely have my vote !!

    To Boris !! o/

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