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Boris eats his words, Papua New Guinea-style

By September 10, 2006News

Boris has an unnerving habit of speaking his mind. It’s a great thing, of course – what other politican is so honest? – but this time he’s managed to upset an entire country, as the BBC reports

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  • Mr J M Fallas says:

    Dear, dear, dear Boris,
    When you make an apology please don’t make it any worse.
    The fact that you mention seeing “cannibals” & “killing chiefs” from a Time Life, (was it?) and think that’s good enough to stereotype the nation; shows you have as little understanding of the people there and their country as you do of “This tiny island” when you believe we’re all as civilized as we believe ourselves to be.
    Go on a fact finding mission for goodness sake and learn what PNG’eans are really like.
    Don’t constantly perpetuate your ignorance and others.
    And when you apologise: say sorry and leave it at that!
    J M Fallas
    PNG from 1964 – 1970

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