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Boriswatch – Prize Draw!

I thought I’d take a minute to thank all the Boriswatchers for their fantastic support in the last few years. Boriswatch wouldn’t be what it is without its eagle-eyed contributors – sending in links, sightings and suggestions almost daily. Recent media appearances of Boriswatch has ramped up the site’s success, and Boriswatch would like to give something back.
So, from today until the end of July, Boriswatch would like to offer a cracking deal – if you donate 5 pounds or more to the Boriswatch coffers (which are frankly straining under the amount of visitors lately), you’ll be entered into a Boriswatch Prize Draw. Three donators will be picked at random to select their choice of item from the BorisShopCOMPLETELY FREE!
So click the donation button – either below or on the left hand panel – and cross your fingers!


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