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Boris given front bench Education post

By December 9, 2005News

It is, my Boris-focused friends, the Second Coming. “We have had more fun than seems altogether proper,” Boris told The Spectator this afternoon as he resigned from his editorial post to take up David Cameron’s offer of a front bench political post.
The BBC reports that BoJo has been given a front bench job as the shadow Higher Education Minister. In true Borisian style, he told his former spectator colleagues that they had propelled him along “as a fat German tourist may be transported by superior alpinists to the summit of Everest”. Now, he has a tough job of convincing the country that he can stay in top political life for longer than a summer, and we all know here at Boriswatch that he can do it.
This is the start of a beautiful thing. He is now riding a one horse race. GO BORIS!
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