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The Final Fence

By October 16, 2005News

Boriswatch, as you might imagine, is taking a keen interest in the Conservative leadership. Today’s drugrelated stories seem suspiciously well-engineered, with Ken Clarke getting brownie points for supporting Cameron through his stony silence (and David Davis losing points and possibly Tory friends by failing to support him until today). However, if Boriswatch has learned anything over the past couple of years tracking the Big Bozza, its that you can never be too cynical. Which is why suspicions for the story-peddling go outside the Tory leadership contenders and beyond the ob – and centre on the Labour Party. They would see Cameron as a better-than-Blair Tory votewinner. They’ve shown that they have a healthy command of the media and these drug stories would be as easy as pie to generate – thereby trying to ensure that one of the other two less-effective contenders becomes leader.
If only from a selfish, Boris-promoting viewpoint, David Cameron seems the best man for the job. Today’s Mail On Sunday newspaper highlights the knee-trembling prospect of a Boris comeback with the aid of a easy-to-read diagram (making Boriswatch’s hungover mind ever so grateful). It seems that David Cameron (together with chosen playmate George Osbourne) were members of the champagne-quaffing Bullington club at Oxford University. Together, dear Boriswatchers, with a certain Mr B. Johnson. The Spectator has become more-or-less a Cameron promotion machine in the past few weeks, and should David Cameron rise to the top in next weeks ballot, the newspaper notes that Boris “is poised for a political comeback”, and will become the “core of the new political establishment”.
THAT’S THE SPIRIT! If Boris can’t be leader this time round, I can think of no better outcome than that. GO CAMERON!

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