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Bitter? Me?

By July 8, 2005News

Well, it’s been a couple of days since the New Statesman Media Awards. Boris was up for the Elected Representative gong and we waited expectantly in the bowels of Fabric nightclub in Farringdon, the rumbling of the tube below the only thing disturbing our concentration. Rosie Millard, BBC Reporter, was announcing the awards and all was going well. Until, of course, Rosie announced that the category produced “a postcode lottery” and that there would be no winner.
I was fuming, tempered only by the slightly sozzled beer-induced state. A postcode lottery? Elected Representatives, by their very nature, are defined by postcodes! Take a look at the others up for the award. Was there anyone to touch Boris’s website for communication, popularity and initial launch innovation?
However, I consoled myself by the fact that the left-leaning New Statesman would never give an award to the Editor of The Spectator, a right-wing literary think-tank. Put simply, the fact that Boris didn’t win only emphasises the feeling that he was a racing certainty to win, and the spiel here in the award results page does nothing to discredit that view. I consoled myself in several more beers, as Boris’s right-hand woman Melissa issued consoling words at regular intervals. A hangover was definitely on the cards…
Brighter news on the website front though – his official site’s revamp is imminent, and I’m told it’s guaranteed to contain less purple! Happy days…


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