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Future Leaders…

By May 6, 2005News

Hot on the heels of Michael Howard’s decision to stand down, The Guardian posts a guide to the possible runners for the leadership. Including, of course, Boris Johnson – at 66-1. Malcolm Rifkind, of all people, is way up the leaderboard at 12-1. Surely some mistake?


  • John says:

    Why do they want another old guy? Get a young guy in.

  • Jimbola says:

    I heard that David Davis was the name being banded about although he remains tight lipped.

  • John says:

    I wouldn’t vote Tory if David Davis was leader, looks a tosser to me.

  • Dave says:

    For God sake, Boris – get moving and mount a campaign for leadership. It’s Britain’s only chance!

  • John says:

    Did anyone see on HIGNFY about Boris editing the Spectator?

    “In what way does he edit it, does he just buy it and cross words out?”


  • Tinsel says:

    The Spectator’s political editor seemed like another befuddled toff in the style of Boris: it’s a wonder they ever manage to produce a magazine at all if everyone in the Spectator office is equally confused!

    Perhaps some Boris for Leader T-shirts could be produced for all us staunch supporters?

  • Lord Sutch says:

    I have snapped the 66/1 about Boris becoming leader and staked £50.
    I know it makes sense

  • jaq says:

    On Morning with Frost, talking with Lord Satchi (?) Frost summed up that the party needed a younger man who was in for the long haul and VERY charismatic. This says Boris Johnson to me.

    Is there any way we could, orchestrate as a group but individually, automate a letter asking why they are not considering or choosing Boris?

    We have the opportunity to do something and perhaps the people power we have now we should wield?

  • John says:

    I think that is why Howard wants the party rules changed, because if it was for the people, they would all choose Boris.

  • Lord Sutch says:

    Might I refer readers and contributors to the petition
    Get signing

  • Bob says:

    seriously if Boris Johnson was the Conservative leader i would vote for him next election, instead of the Lib Dems who i currentyl vote for.

  • John says:

    Tories are seen as old boring gits. Example: see the last however many leaders,david davis, malcolm rifkind etc… Boris is the only guy that could give Tories a bit of charisma and make people want to vote for them. So what if he is a bumbling idiot, so is Prescott… and I would prefer Boris then Prescott.

  • Sheikh Wel Afta Usin says:

    No, please, not our cuddly, priapic nincompoop, Boris; he’s far too bumbling and unsneaky, to be condemned to the rack of No.10.

    Make him lifetime Minister for Joy, instead.

    Give me General Sir Michael Jackson for P.M., anytime — he’d soon get the trains to run on time.


  • Ted says:

    Howard has overlooked Boris again in the new shadow cabinet, surely Boris would knock spots of Gordon Brown as shadow chancellor?

    Who is this Jack Osborne fellow anyways? It looks like he only got out of prep school last week!

  • John says:

    Boris as shadow chancellor…. I don’t think so somehow.

  • David Dimbleby says:

    Boris on Question Time tomorrow!

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