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A return apology

By February 22, 2005News

An excellent observation by Simon Hoggart in The Guardian, about the recent violence football fans near Liverpool:
“It was also [apparently] the FA’s fault for “rolling over” to meet the BBC’s scheduling demands. (The match started in the early evening, after many fans had spent the afternoon getting drunk.)
Quite why the BBC and the FA should be blamed because a bunch of Liverpudlians were pissed and violent, he did not explain. But I think in view of events, it might be an idea for the population of the city to come south and apologise to Boris Johnson.”


  • dafyd says:

    Ooh, updates. Good to hear people defending Boris (although whether Simon Hoggart is the best advocate for him is a bit dubious)… I’m sure he’ll be back in the Shadow Cabinet soon. May election, anyone?

    Oh, Wibbler, your TypeKey thingy doesn’t work here either. Get it sorted, mate. Mine does. Mwah hah hah.

  • John says:

    Shadow? At this rate of labour losing popularity, I would say full cabinet.

  • Macarnie says:

    I’m sure that not-so-simple Simon, having experienced similar adverse news reports to those of Boris, will understand that the worthiness and suitability of a person for a particular post should be measured by ability , tempered by a retiscence to mix public and private life..
    The public at large, realising this,will vote according to its wisdom . I have confidence that BJ will be a full cabinet member soon .

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