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The Ever-spreading Fanbase

By December 12, 2004News

The Boris enigma continues, despite the lack of Boris at the moment. It seems he is touching areas of life that no other editor/politician/columnist has done before. Three American and Australian magazines want information for their forthcoming articles on Boris and one woman would like his home address so that she can “have his babies”. But pick of the recent emails is a university student who is doing his entire university project on Boris Johnson. That’s right – Boris Johnson is now the subject of high academia…!


  • venetia says:

    I want his babies too. Fair’s fair. If Boris is going to spread it around he ought to do it democratically. There should be some sort of ballot or something.

  • John says:

    Yet you still can’t act on my email from ages ago and update your factfile, grrrr.

  • Beatrice The Beagle says:

    As Boris looks just like a cuddly Golden Retriever, is it possible that he’s moonlighting…

    …as Blunkett’s fluffy white stick on legs and, constant companion?

    This would explain a lot.

    For example, where Blunkett got the idea that his trouser snake should be made available on the National Health.

    Boris is very welcome to father my next litter, ‘though.

  • Wibbler says:

    John – easy tiger, I’ve been at home precisely 3 days in the last 2 weeks. How about Tuesday night for those changes – and believe me, I have a stack of emails to work through, so I’ll be up late…

  • John says:

    But I musta mailed ya, what 2 months ago :-/

  • Jac says:

    Boris’ babies belong to Boris and his wife. You can’t have them, that would be theft.

  • Dyfferent says:

    Surely Boris has reached his baby quota by now?

  • Venetia says:

    It just seems a shame that someone with such obviously fabulous genes shouldn’t reproduce as much as is humanly possible. Boris could solve our pensions/ageing population crisis. I think it would be rather churlish of him to refuse – does he not want to serve his country to the best of his ability?

    I certainly do…

  • Jimbola says:

    …and if Boris is unavailable for mass inpregnation duty, I will gladly be his understudy. I can wear a wig if it helps.

  • Katherine says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has devoted precious university course credits to Boris- while he was not the subject of a whole project, I had to give a presentation on two authors, one of whom was Boris. Damn, I thought I was being original.

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