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Media whirlwind

By October 21, 2004News

Boriswatch has not been unaffected by the storm that was Boris And The Liverpudlians. Take for instance, the 3412 visitors that turned up on the site, courtesy of a link on the Guardian weblog and a screenshot on BBC News 24 yesterday afternoon. Then your humble Boriswatch editor was contacted by Sky News, wanting to trundle a TV truck down to capture my comments. And finally, Boriswatch’s mailbox was inundated with media agencies after my comments about the day’s events. I didn’t furnish any of them with a soundbite – there was no need to perpetuating Boris’s bad day. Luckily, it was all too late by the time I had called them back – I would probably have made a tremendous hash of it anyway.
It was just an inkling of the media demands on a figure like Boris – and I don’t envy him.


  • Angela says:

    *tut* *tut* While I admire your website, it fills me with great despair when one such as yourself misplaces an apostrophe. It’s not Boris’s!!! It’s Boris’ PLEASE! You have a responsibility to make sure that your grammar is sound.

    that is all


  • John says:

    There was a letter today in the paper too saying Boris should be PM – damn straight!

  • John says:

    Angela, If we are going to get pick then you missed out a fullstop before PLEASE! and a capital letter for that, and a fullstop after all.

  • Dyfferent says:

    John, if you’re going to get picky, then spell picky correctly.


  • Igor says:

    With all this media attention, visitors and Google Ads money there is hope that BorisWatch would fix its website design. It looks bad a browser other than Microsoft’s IE.

  • John says:

    Meh, my “Y” key is a bit dodgey, that is my excuse 😡

  • groendraak says:

    I’ve never been able to decide whether Boris is an evil genius [i]disguised[/i] as an affable, bumbling posh bloke or just an affable posh bloke. Having said that, I’m more inclined to believe the latter after seeing how he’s braved the media storm. It says a lot for his strength of character and sense of duty that he followed Howard’s order (which shouldn’t have been given) to go to Liverpool and apologize. He did it all with better grace than most people in the public eye would have been capable of. Mr Johnson, I salute you. It’s a shame more politicians aren’t like you.

  • Dollypops says:

    I am an absolute stickler for punctuation, grammar etc. but, with regard to Boris’ or Boris’s – what about Glass’s Guide – a completely accepted spelling. Have you read “Eats Shoots and Leaves” by Lynn Truss? Up with colons and semi-colons, I say!

  • political says:

    Boris for President!

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