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Boriswatch on the BBC

By June 18, 2004Site News

Boris is turning forty on Saturday, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, Boriswatch has slipped the BBC a fiver and managed to write a late night eulogy to the great man, posted on their Magazine website. Here’s the link to the article, and prepare for more Boriswatch visitors than we know how to handle…
UPDATE 6.20pm: 14,000 visitors and counting…


  • TMathews says:

    I turned 40 last Sunday. I am older than Boris. My God. I am older than Boris Johnson.

  • “a chap who would go out of his way to help an old lady across a fearsome road, while juggling elections and constituents’ issues with equal fervour.”

    That’s pretty much spot on. As a Henley resident (hello peons!) I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the responses I get when I email Boris, or more probably his gaggle of no-doubt lovely female assistants who scatter around his offices in twin sets and pearls. Each time I’ve had a personal response from Boris himself, on that delightful heavy paper branded with the Commons logo. Once he even included a column he’d written on the same subject, albeit for The Spectator.

    I must admit that the idea of Boris struggling with this new flangled email thingy does paint an amusing picture.

  • Sarah says:

    Boris doing anything paints an amusing picture

  • Darren Farr says:

    Congrats on the official recognition from Aunty Beeb. Now all we have to do is get Sven to pick him in the bumbling fool position currently occupid by Heskey.

  • P says:

    Article on the BBC News home page at the moment. Well done. Found this site – and jolly good it is too.
    Keep it up !

  • Tony says:

    I too have stumbled in here from BBC news homepage, and what a great site! Finally us Borisites have a place to call home! =)

  • Keith says:

    Boris, Dear Boris, I hope you get around to reading these comments because what I have to say is important!
    First you reluctantly admit to having ambition. So why did you accept the job of Shadow Arts Minister? Where the hell is that going to take you? Name one – all right then, two – ex Arts Ministers or Shadows that are doing anything worth a damn today. I worked in the arts for 40 years and met lots of them. Watched them getting mired in discussions about accessibility, funding, etc etc. GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU ARE SANE (ish).
    Mr Howard is not going to lead his party to success. He’s tried rage and it comes out like a squeak. You don’t do rage but you do write on serious matters superbly well and you are very convincing and if you could just learn to deliver those words with power and passion you’d influence a lot of people.
    Why don’t you get some practice by giving speeches to local Tory party associations? They could charge for admission (cos you’re a Star that’s what you are), you would get valuable practice in making convincing speeches and you would build up your personal support in the Party.
    One more thing – no more silly TV like Room 101 – it just makes you look fluffy and bumbling.
    Your target? Party Leader, of course. You could do it.

  • Found the site via BBC.I am not a fan of the Tories but I do love Boris as he is so different and I don’t know why he is not the leader of the Tories as he is the only one who can talk correctly!

  • spangelina says:

    Is there a historical precedent for ‘blonde bombshells’ in the upper echelons of politics ?
    (I’m counting Kinnock as a Ginger)

  • Tim says:

    I share the same birthday as Boris, just a couple of years younger…

    It’s an honour !!!


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